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Catholic Teacher Certificate Program



The ADSF Catholic Teacher Certificate Program (CTCP) is a comprehensive K-8 teacher preparation program built on the program standards for the California Teaching Credential with additions to ensure proper preparation for leaders entering the Catholic school context. This program is designed for new and continuing members of the Archdiocesan community who desire a comprehensive teacher development program focused on successful employment in the Catholic school system. 

Graduates from the ADSF CTCP program will qualify for the qualification to teach compensation stipend commensurate with that designated for holding a California Teaching Credential.

Tuition for Accepted Candidate: $5,000
Educator Incentive Grant for each Accepted Candidate: $1500
Total Out-of-Pocket Cost to Accepted Candidate: $5,000*


*payment plans are available to qualifying candidates.

* Participation in this program is not required for teachers with qualifying years of service to apply for a Ca Teaching Credential under CL-834.

This program and the CTC are not affiliated. 

All candidates are required to have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university to be considered for admission. 

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