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Catholic Administrative Services Certificate



The ADSF Catholic Administrative Services Certificate (CASC) is a comprehensive K-8 leadership preparation program built on the program standards for the California Administrative Services Credential with modifications and additions to ensure proper preparation for leaders entering the Catholic school context. This program is designed for members of the Archdiocesan community who desire a future position as a Catholic K-8 school principal.

Graduates from the ADSF CASC program will qualify for the qualification to lead compensation stipend commensurate with that designated for holding a California Administrative Services Credential.

Year 1: $5,000 per accepted participant. 
Year 2: $5,000 paid on behalf of the accepted participant

by the sponsoring school*. 


Total Program Cost: $10,000


The ADSF Catholic Administrative Services Certificate (CASC) 
is a 2-year program focused on K-8 leadership.

Year 1: CPSEL and CSLC standards
Major Projects: budget build, case study portfolio, formation program
Hours: 80 (40 in-class engagement, 40 hours coursework)

Year 2: Fieldwork
Major projects: placement as an AP with mentorship and coaching
Hours: 40 in-class engagement and at least 50% role as AP
CPSEL standards for the ASC are attached, and will be cornerstones for the ADSF CSLC program. 

In addition, the ADSF CSLC program will include significant emphasis on:

-    Managing the Parish-School relationship         -     Budgeting for tuition-based non-profits
-     Maintaining Catholic identity                             -     Building successful leadership teams

-    Managing a tuition-based environment

In order to be considered for the ADSF CASC program, applicants must:

  • Work in an ADF school at the time of application

  • Be prepared to make a 2-year minimum commitment to ADSF schools in a leadership position

  • Intend to pursue future leadership position(s) in the ADSF

  • Have a minimum of 3-years of teaching experience in Catholic education

  • Be a practicing Catholic

  • Receive the recommendation of current school principal 

The ADSF Catholic Administrative Services Certificate (CASC) is an internal certificate valid in the Archdiocese of San Francisco and other participating Arch/dioceses exclusively.

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